Mystery as Tesla found floating in ocean with nobody admitting what happened

A Tesla car found floating in the ocean left authorities baffled after nobody came forward to admit what happened.

The Model 3 electric vehicle, which is worth a whopping £50,000, was found half-submerged off the shore in Santa Barbara, California.

Photos show the white car bobbing amongst the waves before it was discovered and retrieved by the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Department.

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Cops said the vehicle hadn’t been reported as stolen whilst firefighters who searched inside the car and the surrounding area couldn’t find anyone associated with Tesla, Carscoops reported.

The mystery finally became clearer after cops had to contact the registered owner and tell them it was their responsibility to sort it out.

But it is still unclear why the unidentified driver had decided to drive down onto the shoreline, which is illegal, and why they didn’t come forward as authorities frantically searched for an explanation.

Raquel Zick, public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, said he reckoned the owner “drove it on the beach, got stuck, left it there and the tide came in”.

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He confirmed that following efforts from the police and fire brigade to work out exactly what happened they “advised the owner, you need to get your car out of the ocean”.

Luckily, cops said nobody was harmed during the odd incident and explained that there had been no leakage of car parts that could have polluted the water and surrounding beach.

Carpinteria-Summerland and Montecito Fire and State Beach lifeguards also helped in the operation to get the car out of the water, before handing it over to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.

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