National’s Chris Bishop comes out on top in video stoush with Speaker Trevor Mallard

Senior National MP Chris Bishop has come out on top in his latest stoush with House Speaker Trevor Mallard over a video that was ordered to be taken down.

The video in question – mocking newbie Labour MP Anna Lorck’s speech which included numerous references to Berocca – has been re-uploaded to social media.

“It’s B-B-B-Back! The amusing video Trevor Mallard tried to ban you from seeing,” Bishop said on Facebook.

The video reappeared after Bishop pleaded his case to Parliament’s privileges committee last night – a group which acts as Parliament’s rule keepers and can dish out punishments.

This time last week, Mallard had ordered the video be taken down and that Bishop front to the committee.

The issue with the video, which likened Lorck’s speech to a Berocca infomercial, was that it was allegedly misleading.

According to Parliament’s rules, mis-editing parliamentary TV video for political ads is not allowed.

It’s B-B-B-Back! The amusing video Trevor Mallard tried to ban you from seeing.

It is understood there were a number of complaints about the video.

Previous videos which have been taken down have edited an MP so their comments were out of context.

But Bishop argued that in National’s video, all the cuts are very clear and it does not misconstrue Lorck’s context.

“Our view is it’s not misleading,” he said this week.

That argument clearly worked as the video is back up on Bishop’s Facebook page.

When asked about the speech last week, Lorck said it was a “light-hearted contribution” to the debate.

“I read the room and there was plenty of banter,” she said.

“I’m full of passion, energy and drive and I aim to always bring that to debates and keeping it real is who I am.”

She said she has received a number of positive comments from other MPs in regards to the speech.

“I was given five minutes to speak, so I used it.

“Over the time I continue as a local MP, I will speak on lots of bills – some will be a lot more serious, but I hope that I can always be relatable.”

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