Nicola Bulleys boyfriend goes public and says her vanishing is like a dream

The boyfriend of missing mother-of-two Nicola Bulley has spoken publicly for the first time.

Paul Ansell, emotionally speaking near the spot where Bulley was last seen, said: "It's like she's vanished into thin air – it's insane".

Paul heartbreakingly revealed how his two daughters have been asking where their mum is, a week after she seemingly vanished without a trace.

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Grief stricken Paul, speaking by the River Wyre in Lancashire, said: "My whole focus is my two girls, just staying as strong as I can for them.

"I'm scared that if I put focus into anything else it's going to take my focus off that. Just hoping to goodness that anything comes out from the interview yesterday no matter how tiny."

Further details surrounding Bulley's unexplained disappearance were revealed earlier today (February 3) with it confirmed she sent a text at 8.57am just before logging on to a Teams call while she walked her dog along the River Wyre.

Her final sighting was at 9.10am and 25 minutes later her phone and dog lead were discovered on a riverside bench.

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Paul, who thanked the community for their support for him and his two kids, said: "I just can't believe we're a week on and it seems like we're no further on.

"It just seems absolutely impossible. Like a dream. I cannot get my head around it. Right now it's like she's vanished into thin air, it's insane."

Meanwhile a resident of of St Michael's on Wyre told the Daily Mirror: "She booked a playdate, 8.57, she sent a text message to a friend whose mortgage she had just recently signed off on to arrange for the girls to go for tea this week."

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It adds weight to the view that Bulley has not disappeared willingly.

Elsewhere former police detective for Greater Manchester Police Howard Millington, called the case "very unusual" and "very concerning".

"It will have been quickly escalated, I've no doubt. Lancashire Police have spared no expense in resourcing this properly," he told Sky News.

It means for Paul and his two young daughters, their torment goes on.


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