No, warm water won’t ‘kill’ coronavirus: Busting immune-boosting myths of the the pandemic

Shannon Crocker says she has recently seen a lot of discussions that certain foods and supplements will protect you against the novel coronavirus.

“There is no evidence that food, supplements, or natural health products will protect you,” the registered dietitian said. “Social distancing and handwashing remain best practices for reducing risk.”

She has also seen messaging on how some diets, including the keto diet and carnivore diet, will boost your immunity and protect you from COVID-19. Again, she says there is no scientific evidence to support this.

“Also, there’s an email circulating telling people to drink warm water, gargle with water, or drink water every 15 minutes to ‘wash’ the virus from your throat to your stomach where the acid kills it,” she said.

“This is a myth. It’s good to stay hydrated for overall health, but drinking water won’t protect you from this virus either.”

We can’t boost immunity overnight

Shahzadi Devje, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator based in Toronto, says she has been recently asked questions on whether mushrooms, ginseng and garlic will help in preventing COVID-19.

“What has been striking for me is people’s expectation to ‘boost immunity’ overnight with a handful of tactics,” she tells Global News.

“Our immune system is not a switch that can be turned on and off at will.”

“I think it’s important to put things in perspective,” Devje says.

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