North Korean propaganda video features girl, 11, claiming everything is fine

A bizarre North Korean propaganda video has been posted featuring an 11-year-old girl who insists that despite reports of a runaway coronavirus outbreak, “everyone is just fine” in the totalitarian state.

The girl, who says her name is “Song-a”, is apparently a Harry Potter fan and learned English from her mum.

“Just like this, everything is under control as it used to be and everyone is just fine!”

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“Pyongyang where I live is a very beautiful and magnificent city,” she says in one of the clips.

“Have you ever been to Pyongyang? Well, if you come here, you’ll be totally surprised because literally everywhere you go there are amusements parks … endless things where children can enjoy.”

Song-a says in somewhat confused English that the capital’s parks are “so fun and amusing that even adults tease to go there.”

In another video she describes how she fell ill and was running a 39-degree temperature before military medics arrived with medicine: “At that moment, me and my mum just cried and cried like a baby … So from that time on, [the medics] became like my brothers.”

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She also claimed that friends, neighbours and local shop staff brought her “giant red juicy strawberries,” dumplings and vegetables.

It’s not entirely clear whether “Song-a” is simply a loyal North Korean who’s happy living under Kim Jong-un’s leadership or an actor working for the country’s propaganda ministry.

According to a report on the NK News website, Song-a’s “Sary Voline” YouTubeYouTube channel is similar to “sock puppet” accounts created by the state-run Sogwang Media Corporation in Pyongyang in Chinese and Russian, as well as English.


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