Notorious bodybuilder gangster unrecognisable after 13 years on run

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A former millionaire gangster has re-emerged after 13 years away, and fans are baffled by his new look.

Tim Ward, known to his mates as Sharky, was known for his huge bodybuilder physique when he fled from Queensland, Australia to Thailand in 2009.

He was being chased down by Aussie police at the time due to his almost gang-like loan shark lifestyle, which saw him rise from a “poor young kid” to a multi millionaire personal lender who had three Lamborghinis and a nightclub.

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It was said that he charged 200% interest on his loans, and was banned from the practice in Queensland in the mid-2000s, before being prosecuted by the Department of Fair Trading.

But earlier this week he posted an update about his life, with a rare selfie on TikTok– and he looks dramatically different.

Gone is the muscle-up physique, which has now been replaced by a skinny, almost small boy-like body stature.

His hands are still rather large, but the rest of him looks as if he's not been near a gym for a very long time.

He has actually been back in Australia during the pandemic, and will return to Thailand soon.

He said in a video recently: “Everyone keeps asking me 'are you going to go back to Thailand?'.

“Yeah, I am going to go back to Thailand when they drop the Thailand Pass.

“I can't be bothered applying for stupid passes at the moment.

“But I will miss Australia. Australia is the most beautiful place in the world – I have been to a lot of places, but no where as beautiful as this.”

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It is unknown whether the charges against Sharky have been dropped or not, but it does appear that he can now come and go from Australia as much as he wants to.

In 2017, he told a local news outlet why he now lives in Thailand.

He explained: “It is one of the only places in the world where I really do feel free.

“I f**k up all the time but I pay.

“It beats going to jail – in Australia I would be in jail.”

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