OnlyFans model dressed as Playboy bunny crashes Boris Johnson demo – by mistake

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A confused Playboy and OnlyFans model found herself in the middle of a rally against the Prime Minister and even had a sign stuffed into her hand – all while dressed as a bunny.

Several photos of the Brazilian model, Cris Galera, donning bunny ears, are circulating on Twitter after she mistakenly participated in the protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The model, who is on vacation in London, decided to take some photos for her OnlyFans profile on the streets with a bold look.

She documented her day on her Instagram, and after posing in front of Big Ben, the London Eye, and taking in a trip to Madame Tussauds, she found herself at the politictally-charged rally.

"Suddenly, several photographers surrounded me to take pictures of me and pushed me into the protest that I didn't even realize was happening," the confused beauty said.

In comments on Twitter, the model is accused of discrediting the movement against the Prime Minister, who is facing a political crisis after the revelation that he had a party while the United Kingdom was in quarantine.

"When they pushed me into the crowd, they offered me a sign and I just held it," she added.

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Cris wore a black Bory with a pom-pom on her behind, fishnet stockings, and bunny ears.

More followers commented on the action: “What’s up! Mad day here at Parliament”.

In the protest scene, signs with the phrases “We despise tory lies”, “get your Johnson out of our democracy," were pictured.

Furthermore, there was the one the model herself clutched, which read: "There is no vaccine for corrupt liars."

In videos posted to her story, Cris is seen posing for a line of photographers in the middle of the street.

Cris Galêra is about to debut her first Playboy Australia.

What would you do if you found yourself in an unexpected rally? Let us know in the comments below if you'd get involved!

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