OnlyFans model punished over revealing pic at sacred Russian site

An OnlyFans model has been punished after posting a revealing picture near a sacred religious site in Russia.

Natalya Maslennikova, 20, was ordered to report to the FSB security service after getting snapped with her underwear out in front of a church in the city of Kaluga.

According to a law enforcement statement, this photograph was discovered after police monitored the internet.

The model proceeded to issue an apology along with a “written a confession” and claims she has been told by the FSB that she could face a fine of up to £3,000 or have to complete community service.

She said: “It was not my goal to take a photo against the background of a church.

“It is very old and does not look like a temple from the outside … The photo was taken when I was in a comic mood walking with a friend.”

She claimed she removed her accounts after she was trolled by Male State, a nationalist movement which has attacked Russian women.

Mayor of Kaluga, Dmitry Denisov, said there was “something wrong” with the “mind and soul” of women like Maslennikova posing in such a way.

He said: “I want such girls to become caring mothers and beloved wives. I am sure they do not have enough in their lives.”

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Vice-governor of Kaluga region, Dmitry Razumovsky, said: “Most likely it is the problem with the education of such people.”

He urged “public condemnation, rather than forceful methods” to “correct” them.

Russia has seen a succession of such cases recently, especially since 2012 when Vladimir Putin won a third term and has sought to defend traditional values and promote Russia as the antithesis of the West.

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