Paedo paralysed after being tackled by prison guards wins massive £13m payout

A man convicted of child sex offences is set to receive a $17.5 million (£13 million) payout after being paralysed when prison guards tackled him to the ground.

Seth Fletcher, 21, suffered severe spinal injuries at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ohio, US, when he was strip-searched, tackled, handcuffed, dropped on his face, and left in his cell overnight.

On April 2, 2020, guards reportedly found Fletcher in possession of a cigarette that they thought may contain drugs.

Dustin Knox and Christopher Coy handcuffed him but, as they were escorting him elsewhere, Coy says that Fletcher attempted to wriggle free, thus Coy was forced to tackle him.

Fletcher was then dragged to his cell and dropped several times, all while his requests for medical attention were ignored, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

He spent the night in his cell with his injuries until medical attention was called at 9.49am the next day. He was rushed to Ohio State Medical Center for surgery but was rendered quadriplegic and will need a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Some of the guards were found to have bragged about what happened in text messages and Facebook posts.

Garrett Osbon, who has now resigned from his job as a guard, wrote: "The dude I broke his nose is now paralyzed with a broken neck, and they say his face looks like he had been dropped and dragged through concrete, LMAO.

"It feels good to know that I played a small part in paralysing a cho [child molester], LMAO."

According to the lawsuit seen by CBS News, the two officers participated in or failed to prevent "sadistic, malicious and excessive uses of force" with no regard for Fletcher's rights.

Fletcher's lawyer Geoffrey Fieger said: "The torture and crippling of a prisoner in America sounds medieval. Yet it happened, here, in America, in 2020.

"As horrific as this case is, I want to thank the Ohio Attorney General's office and Governor Dewine for accepting responsibility in this most horrific of cases. This abuse should never happen again."

The $17.5 million payout was announced on Monday after the state of Ohio reached an agreement with Fletcher's legal team.

He had been serving a two-year sentence for pandering a sexually-oriented video involving a minor when he was 18, which his lawyers claim involved him and his girlfriend who was a couple of years younger than him.

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