Palace staff angry by No 10 scandal as Queen stood alone at Philips funeral

The Queen's staff are reportedly angry at bombshell allegations about 'raucous' parties at Number 10 Downing Street last Christmas after recalling how Her Majesty had to sit on her own at Prince Philip's funeral.

A Palace source told The Mirror that the rule-breaking parties and the ensuing cover-up were a "slap in the face" to everyone who had made sacrifices during the Covid 19 pandemic, including members of the Royal Family and their staff.

Many servants had to spend long periods in the royal residences at Windsor Castle and Balmoral away from their loved ones last year so they could enter into 'protective bubbles'.

But a worker confessed that “sacrifices made from the very top all the way down” now felt as if they were “worthless”, as Boris Johnson's aides seemed to be brazenly breaking the rules at the same time.

Another servant with more than 10 years service has reported staff now becoming “visibly upset” when the Westminster parties are mentioned, with many recalling how the Queen was forced to sit alone at her husband's funeral this year because of Covid restrictions.

One said to The Mirror: “It would be a gross understatement to say people are angry.

“Many missed Christmas, birthdays, other special occasions and weeks on end away from their families.

“But it was all in the spirit it was for the greater good and we were doing our bit."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer compared the sacrifices made by the Queen at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral to Boris Johnson's leadership in a speech to the House of Commons yesterday.

He said: “Her Majesty the Queen sat alone when she marked the passing of the man she’d been married to for 73 years.

“Leadership, sacrifice – that’s what gives leaders the moral authority to lead.

“Does the Prime Minister think he has the moral authority to lead and to ask the British people to stick to the rules?”

Her Majesty meanwhile held a reception yesterday for her first face-to-face appearance in weeks in Windsor Castle's Oak Room.

She met with organist Thomas Trotter, who she awarded the Queen's Medal for Music in 2020.

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