Palaces secrecy over Queens health scare sets off alarm bells, claims expert

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A royal expert has analysed Buckingham Palace’s latest updates on the Queen, and worries that the head-of-state’s "mysterious health problems" might be more important than it is believed as a result.

Daniela Elser, a royal expert with more than 15 years of experience, is troubled by Queen Elizabeth’s latest update that she had "reluctantly accepted medical advice" to rest for a few days, seeing as the 95-year-old monarch has a reputation for being headstrong and never taking a sick leave.

Even after losing Prince Philip in April, who was known to be her "strength and stay", the writer noted that The Queen went back to work only four days later.

Consequently, when news broke last week that she had pulled out of a planned two-day tour in Northern Ireland, it sparked concern among some of the public.

What developed into a more concerning story, was the news coming out the next day that revealed the Queen had been secretly hospitalised in London while the press had been led to believe she was still in Windsor Castle.

This news was followed by a series of worrying stories which saw Queen Elizabeth pulling out of COP26 and not attending church.

According to Daniela, Buckingham Palace might have unintentionally given away a "major clue" that would suggest that "whatever is currently going on might be more serious than anyone thought".

The royal expert went on to explain that throughout the head-of-state’s life, she has faced many "minor bumps, scrapes and illnesses" which have all been revealed to the public by the palace in official statements or spokespersons during press conferences.

She gave examples to back this claim, such as the time Queen Elizabeth had surgery in 2003, to repair torn cartilage.

Indeed, an official statement issued by her press secretary detailed the 45-minute operation, naming her orthopaedic surgeon and when Her Majesty was expected to leave the hospital.

Moreover, another announcement was released to the public in Christmas 2016, when Buckingham Palace revealed that she could not attend the usual family church service as a result of recovering from "a heavy cold".

  • Queen forced to rest for 2 weeks with no official visits after health scare

"In short, the palace was, albeit very moderately, forthcoming with a detail or two," Daniela wrote in

She added: "So, why are they offering exactly zero details about what might be going on now?

"One logical but highly worrying conclusion would be that, unlike cataract surgery or a stomach bug, there is something much more serious going on (or she is being tested for)."

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