Perv dad hacked webcams to secretly watch women having sex across the world

A pervert is facing jail time after hacking into hundreds of webcams worldwide and watching women in intimate moments.

The trickery of dad-of-three Christopher Taylor, 60, was flagged to the FBI by the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

From his home in Abram, Greater Manchester, Taylor fooled 772 people in 39 different countries into allowing him access to their webcams.

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Among the victims, 47 women are thought to have been watched by Taylor having sex with their partners.

A full-time carer for his wife, his home was raided by cops in 2016.

At that time he said: "It's just what I've been meddling with on the computer."

Later 80,000 images and videos were discovered dated August 2012 and July 2015.

Bestiality-related images and clips also counted 82.

A fake link on porn sites, if clicked by the user, would give him access to their laptop.

Taylor, previously diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, admitted securing unauthorised access to computer material, voyeurism and possession of extreme pornography at Bolton Crown Court.

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He is due to be sentenced today (April 18) with his crimes carrying a maximum sentence of two years.

Neil Fryman, prosecuting, said: "In 2010, the defendant became active on and became interested in malware viruses. He downloaded these malware viruses and learnt how to spread them onto pornography websites.

"He used torrent files to upload the malware onto various websites and disguise it as another link for a program called Cammy, which was described as an all-in-one camera alarm system."

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He added: "Individuals were invited to click the link, thinking they were going to view porn. Once they had done so, the defendant gained access to their laptop features, including their webcam.

"The defendant stored over 80,000 images and videos from over 770 different individuals, all of which were taken without consent.”

He continued: “In total, 47 victims were pictured engaging in sexual activity. In January 2012, the defendant began to search more explicit sites to hide the malware on … a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology unwittingly downloaded the malware."


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