Plane crash left 92 dead and uncovered secret facility built for nuclear war

A plane crash that killed 92 people in a horrific disaster also uncovered a secret military facility that was built in case of nuclear war.

TWA Flight 514 left all 92 inhabitants of the Indianapolis to Ohio flight dead, and it also exposed a military secret that showcased preparations for nuclear war with Russia.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre is still in use to this day, but was uncovered after a 1974 fatality drew attention to the area, later confirmed as a place many would seek refuge in the event of nuclear war.

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Despite the crash, little damage was delivered to the operations centre itself as much of it is underground, although phone lines to the facility were cut for two hours.

Reports at the time of the crash indicated the Virginia-based operations centre was set to be used as a place of refuge in the event of nuclear war.

At a height of Cold War woes and nuclear troubles from Russia, the fully functional base had its position revealed following the TWA Flight crash, drawing the base into a popular culture limelight it has never managed to shake.

The likes of The X Files, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Tom Clancy's novel The Sum of All Fears have all noted the mysterious nuclear base.

Details around the building and subsequent use of the centre are still unknown, although it is said to have been in operation as a housing unit since the Second World War.

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Ed Markey, a former army reservist and senator, confirmed that there were plans to relocate the United States government to Mount Weather in the event of nuclear war.

The initially secret base of operations however has never managed to shake the spotlight the horrific TWA Flight crash gave it, a flight disaster deemed accidental through a terminology misunderstanding.

Investigations at the time discovered that a similar crash had almost occurred in the same fashion at the same location just six weeks before the fatal flight.

Confusion over who was to blame for the was solved after the Air Traffic Control crew were absolved of the crash, which saw the plane impact with the western slope of Mount Weather, with a series of harsh post-crash fires reported at the time.

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