Poland installing miles of razor-sharp barbed wire fences along Russian border

Poland is installing miles of razor-sharp barbed wire fences across the Russian border following a missile strike that killed two people.

Huge reams of 8ft barbed wire fences were administered by Polish soldiers following the missile attack, with troops closing off the border amid fears of a Russian migrant crisis.

Concerns of further havoc have prompted NATO allies to begin bolstering defences after the death of two people during a missile strike in Poland.

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Some countries close by to Russia are asking for NATO to increase its presence and deterrents along the Russian border, with Lithuania asking for action while Slovakia improves its air defences.

Initial reports indicated that a Russian missile had struck the border of Poland, but it is now believed that a Ukrainian missile fell across the border instead.

Poland has since claimed the missile was that of a Ukrainian weapon, a claim which Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy disputes.

One resident close to the missile strike at the time described it as a "big bang" that left them "scared that it was the war".

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Poland have since began their own investigation into the missile strike, a missile currently contested in ownership that killed two people, on in their 50s and another in their 60s.

At the time of the blast, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki put army units on "raised combat readiness" while members of the police force and emergency services were put on "high alert".

Russia has denied involvement with the blast, releasing a statement that fumed it was not their "means of destruction" that had fallen over the Polish border.

A Kremlin statement read: "No strikes were made against targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border by Russian means of destruction."

Polish authorities have said that they do not believe the missile was an "intentional attack" but a stray missile that accidentally ended on their side of the border.

Response from world leaders has been mixed, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stating that Vladimir Putin and Kremlin officials must take responsibility for the strike, The Sun reported.

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He said: "Ukraine is having to use missiles to defend its homeland, is having to defend its homeland against an illegal and barbaric set of strikes by Russia."

US President Joe Biden, who called an emergency G7 meeting at a summit in Bali, disputed claims that Zelenskyy had "no doubt" about the missile's Russian origins.

When asked about said comments, Biden stated: "That's not the evidence."

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NATO sources also asserted that Biden had claimed the blast had been caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile, with Ukraine vowing to investigate said allegations.

Confusion over the origins of the missile may come from missile supplies, with Ukraine still maintaining some former Soviet and Russian-made weapons in their missile stockpile.

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