Police blame pubs for fights as coronavirus shutdown prompts free beer giveaway

Large groups of teenagers have been caught fighting after pubs which are being forced to shut by the coronavirus pandemic gave away free beer on their last night open.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that all pubs must close "as soon as they reasonably can" and must not open on Saturday.

But many punters watched the announcement from the comfort of their local boozers.

And hundreds of Brits defied government calls for social distancing ahead of the nationwide closure of pubs, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and theatres on Friday night.

People took to the streets for "one last night of freedom" before pub-goers are forced to give up their social habits for the greater good of Public Health.

And now free booze giveaways are being blamed for keeping police "stupidly busy" in Devon and Cornwall overnight.

It seems pubs were more than happy to give away surplus stock before they are forced to close their doors.

But it resulted in some emergency services being inundated with calls on Friday night.

Control Room Supervisor Mike Newton said: "Tonight was going to go one of two ways. Sadly it’s been stupidly busy.

"Reports of pubs giving away free beer, resulting in large groups of teenagers across Devon fighting and generally being a nuisance. Unreal.

"Licensing reviews could be interesting."

Police will be able to detain suspected coronavirus patients in the UK for six weeks or fine them £1,000 under new emergency laws.

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