Police shoot dead ‘carjacker’ driving stolen truck in bloodbath

At least one carjacker was killed and another wounded in a shocking bloodbath when officers swarmed in near a tollbooth to stop the pair from fleeing in a stolen truck.

The alarming incident took place just by a highway tollbooth in the municipality of Taretan in Mexico on Friday, March 5.

Local media reported that the Mexican authorities have identified two men travelling in a white stolen pickup truck.

They believed the pair was involved in an armed robbery and decided to launch a pursuit to arrest them.

Dashcam video taken from a car in the queue shows at least two National Guard officers running towards a white pickup truck while backup officers stop their patrol car next to it.

One officer is seen pulling out the gun and firing at the suspects just when they come out of the vehicle.

Both parties exchange fire as terrified motorists back up their cars and leave the queue.

Just as a red SUV reverses out of the lane, a guardsman can be seen pointing his gun at a suspect, who appears to have been shot and is seen lying on the ground.

The driver eventually turns himself in and is arrested by the police.

According to The Sun of Morelia, the wounded suspect later died at the scene and the driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment to their injuries.

Authorities also recovered several weapons from the suspects, whose names were not provided to the media.

Both directions of the highway were shut while forensic experts of the Regional Prosecutor's Office conducted the investigations.

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