Polyamorous four-way relationship are so close theyre unsure who kids dads are

A polyamorous family are reportedly so close that they are not even sure who their kids' fathers are.

The unique family, which features two mums and two dads, decided to meet up after finding each other online in 2019.

Taya and Sean Hartless met up with Alysia and Tyler Rodgers with the joint intention of adding some flare into their sex life.

But when the married couples became close they realised they were starting to catch feelings for each other, LADbible reports.

One year later in 2020, the family decided to move in together and had two more children between them, giving more siblings to Tyler and Alyisa who had already been conceived.

And shockingly, due to the fact that all of the parents sleep with each other, none of them know who the dads of their youngest children are.

Taya, 27, says that while some other family members do not approve of the non-traditional relationship, she wouldn't change the set up for anything.

She said: "None of us had been polyamorous before, but we all just met and fell in love.

"Since we moved in together we all just co-parent all the children – we're one big family unit.

"A lot of people don't really understand polyamory, and think it is deviant or un-wholesome in some way.

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"It is true that it wasn't always easy – it took me a while to admit I had feelings for someone else – and we definitely do get jealous sometimes."

Taya claims that from the first night the two couples met they all wanted to see more of each other.

According to the proud mother, the men switch rooms every night – so one night they will be with one of the women, and the next night the other.

They consider themselves as a "closed quad" which means they do not date anyone external to their four.

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