Prankster glued vaccination doors shut stopping 500 Brits from getting jabbed

A man who stopped more than 500 people from getting their Covid booster jab by supergluing shut a vaccination centre door has been jailed.

Hayden Brown, 53, squirted glue in the keyholes of the doors, meaning that staff and patients temporarily couldn't enter the site.

Brown was jailed for 12 weeks today after he admitted causing a public nuisance.

He struck the vaccination centre in Gorleston, Norfolk on the evening of November 26 and was identified by covert cameras at the location.

Superintendent Nathan Clark of Norfolk Police, said: "Brown's actions prevented more than 500 people from receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

"A large number of these people are elderly and this disruption will have caused a great anxiety to those who have chosen to be vaccinated and then not able to attend."

Brown, of Gorleston, was also sentenced for possession of a Class B drug after a quantity of cannabis was found at his home following his arrest.

Covid booster jabs are set to be offered to everyone in the UK over the age of 18 as a preventive measure to a rise in COVID-19 cases

The vaccine booster rollout is the top of the Government's plans for combatting the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

A push for vaccination boosters has been a crucial part of the Government's winter plans, with a rumoured "Plan B" delayed by the optimism of the new booster vaccines.

There are hopes that the boosters will push cases down over winter by nearly half the expected amount as more than half of the over-50s group are said to have received their third jab.

The Government is still cautious, however. In a statement they said: "Rules and regulations have mostly been replaced with advice and guidance on the practical steps people can take to help manage the risks to themselves and others."

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