Primark bowl from Stacey Solomon range almost suffocated 17-month-old girl

A horrified mum has claimed her baby came close to suffocating after a Primark bowl from Stacey Solomon's children's range became "suctioned" on her face.

Cheryl Drummond had filled the dish with chocolate for her 17-month-old daughter Kaleah.

Then, as she emptied her shopping in the kitchen, she heard a thud from the living room and found Kaleah on her back unable to pull the bowl off her face, reports The Irish Mirror.

With her tot in a state of panic, Cheryl also struggled to dislodge the dish, which is from the former X Factor contestant's Little Pickle collection.

She claimed it acted like a "plunger" as it was made of silicone and became tighter with each breath Kaleah took.

The mum was finally able to break the seal with her fake nails and got the item off her daughter's face.

Cheryl says her daughter was in tears with a red mark left after the bowl was removed and claims that Kaleah is now "petrified" of the dish.

Reliving their terrifying ordeal, the Glasgow mum-of-three said: "She'd been trying to lick the bottom of the bowl like all kids do. Her mouth and nose were in that bowl, there was no room for her to breathe.

"I couldn't see her face, and she was panicking. She was trying to cry, but her breaths were getting tighter every second that it was suctioned to her face.

"The bowl was on her face for between 45 seconds and a minute. It doesn't sound like a very long time, but in the moment, it feels like it.

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"Usually, I would put my Alexa on to play music whilst I put my shopping away. But thankfully, on that day, I didn't, so I could hear the noise."

Cheryl is calling on Primark to launch an investigation into the product and to alter its size, as she believes its oval shape was too tight around Kaleah's face.

She added: "Primark should recall the bowl and launch an investigation. If it was smaller or bigger, it wouldn't be an issue.

"I won't be buying anything for children from Primark again, especially if it's a choking hazard. Clearly, if anybody was concerned, they would have listened. But the bowls are still on the shelf."

A Primark spokeswoman said: "We were very concerned to hear of this customer's experience. Every Primark product range is tested independently to ensure the relevant safety standards are met including this which meets the EN standards for children's feeding items.

"However, we take safety complaints very seriously, following up on every one and are in contact with the customer to fully investigate."

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