Prince Harry caught saying hes fed up at Coronation after meeting

Prince Harry admitted he was "sad" in a revealing chat during the King's Coronation, before quickly jetting off home.

The Duke of Sussex made a solo appearance at Westminster Abbey today and sat two rows behind brother Prince William and wife, Kate Middleton.

Sitting next to Jack, the pair shared a long conversation while waiting for the rest of the Royal Family to arrive.

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But there were 10 words that Harry uttered which showed his true feelings.

Sharing exclusively to Daily Star, the expert picked up the moment when Jack asked Harry: "The meeting?"

Harry then told him: "It's sad. I'm fed up, I've tried talking to him."

When Princess Anne walked to her seat in the second row, Harry looked up and gave a polite smile.

Later on, Harry and Jack had another conversation while waiting for Charles and Camilla in the Abbey.

The Duke looked at Jack and replied to a question apparently referring to Meghan: "No, she's at …"

Jack tilted his head and said: "And is she?"

Harry then nodded to confirm, adding: "It's not ideal."

"If it makes [you] feel any better even I can do it," Jack told Harry. "It's not quite the life, is it?"

Harry shook his head as Jack answered: "I haven't had time for that, not if it's over…"

The prince then dropped a cryptic comment, saying: "It's an eventuality."

During the Coronation, Harry did not appear to have an exchange with his brother William.

The estranged siblings had zero contact as royal biographer Tina Brown predicted, having said previously: "I do not think there will be any contact between them at the Coronation.

"I think that their relationship right now is on absolute ice."

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