Princess Dianas iconic Ford Escort sells for massive £650K at auction

Princess Diana's iconic Ford Escort has been sold for a staggering £650K at an auction.

The Princess of Wales was known for driving the black Ford Escort RS Turbo for almost three years from August 1985.

She was widely seen with her treasured mode of transport outside the boutique shops located in Chelsea and Kensington.

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The Ford, registration C462FHK, was sold by Silverstone Auctions in Warwickshire to a buyer in Cheshire following a bidding war against someone in Dubai.

It has been reported that the bidding started at £100,000 and it was soon classed as the "car of the day" at the Leamington Spa-based auction house on Saturday (August 27).

According to auctioneer Jonathan Humbert, the vehicle has sparked the biggest amount of phone bids in 12 years.

Mr Humbert, who said the car demonstrated a "piece of history", shared his surprise after the bidding requests surged, reports BBC.

He said: "£500,00 for a Ford Escort? I've never said that before."

Princess Diana would often drive her own car while being assisted by a member of the Royalty Protection Command, who would sit in the passenger seat.

Next week, it will be 25 years since she died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.

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Prince Harry recently paid tribute to his mother during an annual charity polo event.

He said: "Next week is the 25th anniversary of my mother's death, and she most certainly will never be forgotten.

"I want it to be a day filled with memories of her incredible work and love for the way that she did it.

"I want it to be a day to share the spirit of my mum with my family, with my children, whom I wish could have met her."

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