Psychic goat Billys predictions on Harry and William after spooky results

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    A "psychic goat" whose predictions have been "spookily accurate" is the bearer of bad news for the Royal Family – and for those hoping aliens with make contact with Earth.

    Billy the goat, who uses tarot cards to tell people's fortunes and has performed for crowds around the UK, has cast his view on the future of the royals – and it's not so positive.

    The goat medium's owner Sue Zacharias is an animal trainer and says her grandmother had 'The Gift', and would read tealeaves for war wives in the 1940s before passing on the legacy of fortune-telling.

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    Grandma-of-three Sue was given Billy – who is the size of a Shetland Pony – by a friend when her previous goat who also had a flair for fortune-telling died.

    To get Billy to do a reading, Sue will ask punters to sit with him and stoke him until they feel "grounded" before Billy will then pick a tarot card using his mouth.

    And in the past Billy's psychic powers have seemed to prove true after predicting in 2019 that a client would get married and have a family – before the punter returned with his wife and baby in 2022.

    Ahead of the Coronation of King Charles III, Billy was asked for his visions on the future of the Royal Family as well as whether aliens would ever make contact with Earth.

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    "People come and they stroke him first, they need to calm down and feel grounded," Sue explained.

    "I have tarot cards especially for animals so he will choose a card with his mouth.

    "It's often incredibly accurate. I was doing tarot readings with my previous goat, and when he died Billy picked up the baton.

    "He's hugely popular, when people see him they can't believe he's a fortune-telling goat.

    "They sit down and stroke him and have their fortune told.

    "We do all these big live shows, we are like a group of story-tellers.

    "It's like a festival and a farm here."

    However, Billy decisively predicted there will be no happy reunion between brothers Princes Harry and William.

    While it took the goat a couple of minutes to decide Harry and William wouldn't reconcile, he also predicted Meghan and Harry would stay hitched when asked if they would get a divorce.

    Sue says traditional tarot decks can include dark themes including the Death card, the Devil and the Hanged Man – but because of the family-friendly nature of Sue's work including doing readings for children, she uses cards with animal illustrations.

    Sue said: "We have got people not wanting a deep or serious reading.

    "The traditional tarot cards can look a bit daunting with cards like the Hanged Man. I like people to feel comfortable so we use animal tarot cards instead.

    "Once the person has stroked the goat for a while, they put their hand on the deck of cards and choose which one feels right – or Billy chooses it for them.

    "It can be quite life-affirming.

    "People do become calm when they stroke Billy, it's like an epiphany.

    "They go down into a deep zone."

    The psychic goat also casted his prediction on the future of Sir Keir Starmer who he believed would miss out on becoming Prime Minister – indicating the Tories would enter another term.

    And also asked for his prediction on whether aliens would ever make contact with Earth, Billy decided this wasn't meant to be.

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