Psychopath MPs would probably kill to get what they want, Robert Peston says

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Killer psycho clowns may be sitting in the House of Commons, says Robert Peston.

The broadcaster believes some of Britain’s top political buffoons are “utterly ruthless” sociopaths and psychopaths who would “probably kill” to get what they want.

These include MPs and seemingly respectable “pillars of establishment”, ITV News’s political editor reckons.

Peston, 61, said: “It is amazing how many bad people do get to become incredibly powerful.

“I have encountered people over the years where you just look into those eyes and go, ‘Yeah, this person would probably kill if somebody was threatening them’.”

Peston channelled some of the most devious characters for his new novel, The Whistleblower.

He said: “I write about a number of powerful characters in politics and business in the book who are sociopaths and probably psychopaths.’’

Asked if he was talking about “elected representatives”, he replied: “Some-times it’s representatives, sometimes people who run enormously powerful businesses.

“These are people who are very good at being charming but also utterly ruthless in almost a psychopathic way.”

The political expert said some of the worst were “­respectable sort of pillars of establishment”, adding: “The question in the back of my mind is what have they done to get here and what would they do to protect themselves?’’

Peston refused to name those he felt could kill, saying a novel let him “tell a story that you feel is true but in a way that doesn’t run foul of libel laws”.

It comes as British PM Boris Johnson appeared once more on TVs up and down the country to deliver the latest in the fight against Omicron.

He revealed he would not be introducing any more restrictions, saying the successful vaccine booster rollout has meant the UK is far above many other countries in battling the disease.

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