Pubgoers startled as massive bird of prey swoops down to steal mans whole steak

A family have been left stunned by a massive bird of prey that swept out of the sky and right into the plate of a bloke who was ready to tuck into his steak.

Jez Elkins, 54, was out and about with his son and grandchild enjoying a day in Oxfordshire when a huge bird flew down and stole a steak from his son's plate.

The red kite that stole the steak stunned pubgoers and the family, who were left shocked at the brazen bird swooping in for a big bite.

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The 54-year-old, from Didcot, had been dining with his son Callum and three-year-old granddaughter at Station Garden at the time.

Jez described the attack as the equivalent of "a brick hitting the table" and said that the incident had "shocked" his son.

The grandfather says that despite being occupied with a colouring book with his granddaughter, the red kite came "within 10 inches" of his son Callum's face.

Jez said: "I had my head down on the table at the time, so I missed the highlight. But there were about 25 people in the beer garden when it happened and they were all surprised.

"I just heard what sounded like someone had thrown a brick or a concrete block at the table. I had one heart attack in November, and I really don't need another one!"

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The 54-year-old continued: "It was lucky that my granddaughter had stepped away from the table. She'd gone to the play area and it could have been much, much worse if she'd have been there."

Jez says his son had finished with his meal and hadn't eaten the steak, but that "the kite quite liked the look of the steak".

He continued: "I thought they were too big and cumbersome to swoop like that but it was so quick. Luckily they were all empty, but it made such a loud noise. I've never seen them that close to people."

Although the red kite is currently a protected species, Jez says that there are "too many of them now" and that the birds were "getting braver around people," Oxfordshire Live reported.

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