Putin army chiefs wife radiates richness downing Champagne at posh ski resort

The wife of Vladimir Putin’s army chief has been spotted across Europe flaunting her luxurious diamond-clad lifestyle after dodging Russian sanctions.

Glamorous Svetlana Maniovich has found a loophole to keep her "blood-soaked" cash independent of her warmongering husband Timur Ivanov, so she can freely frolic around the continent.

Russia's Deputy Minister of Defence, Ivanov has been busy leading his military's invasion of Ukraine while his estranged partner enjoys the likes of sunny St Tropez where she rents a villa for £132,000 per month.

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Maniovich was spotted partying in the glitzy Courchevel ski resort town in France with her diamonds and furs just three weeks ago, despite the fact that she is not legally allowed to be there due to heavy sanctions.

Maria Pevchikh, head of investigations at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, a non-profit founded by Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, said on Twitter: “Despite being a government official, Ivanov managed to scrape together a few pennies to make his wife happy.

“Svetlana can have all the budget she wants for the things she loves. Like [a] Dolce & Gabbana dress for €59,500, or [a] set of [19th] century furniture for €85,000.”

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On top of this, documents show that the mega-wealthy couple own a “holiday Rolls Royce” as well as another one in Moscow.

The spare car, a retro Rolls Royce Corniche worth £106,000, sits in a garage on the French Riviera until they want to use it.

Maria claimed that the pair are able to live their lavish lifestyle because her husband, who is responsible for Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, allegedly takes kickbacks from companies he gives defence contracts.

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Despite her government official husband, Maniovich is able to skirt around sanctions set by the EU that prevent well-connected Russians from spending her money in glitzy shops across Europe by using two scheming tricks.

She said that a court found that Svetlana got her hands on an illegal Israeli passport, and legally divorced her husband five months after Russia invaded Ukraine.

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This meant that sanctions that would normally freeze her bank accounts and keep her in coldest, darkest Moscow do not apply to her, allowing her to spend what Maria describes at “blood-soaked” cash in cities like London and Paris.

Maria has called on Paris’ citizens to go to Svetlana’s flat, which lies just 12 minutes from the Eiffel tower, this Sunday (April 23) to protest her and her husband’s dodgy dealings.


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