Putin faces mutiny as defiant conscripts riot against commanders

Russia: Mobilised men protest over poor living conditions in Kazan

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Furious conscripts forcibly mobilised into Russia’s military erupted last night, with thousands rioting in the southwest Russian city of Kazan. The riots were ignited in military training camps as rushed commanders desperately try to prepare new conscripts for the frontline in Ukraine. Videos and messages shared on the social media platform Telegram suggest around 2,5000 soldiers were upset over poor living conditions and a lack of modern guns.

The latest intelligence briefing from the UK Ministry of Defence suggests that the 300,000 troops Vladimir Putin conscripted as part of the mobilisation drive are providing “little additional offensive combat capability”.

The MoD claims that the Russian military is struggling to train the conscripts, with many commanding officers held up on the frontline.

Reporting on the riots in Kazan, Nexta TV, which monitors the conflict, tweeted: “In #Kazan, mobilized men rioted over poor living conditions and rusty 1970s-era assault rifles.

“The so-called homeland defenders lacked food, water and firewood, and had nowhere to wash their clothes.”

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Dmitri, who monitors the conflict in Ukraine from his account @wartranslated, tweeted: “Nearly 2000 mobiks came out to express their outrage and shout curse words at the drunk general of the regiment.

“According to messages, mobiks had no essentials provided to them, and no one seems to be bothered to resolve their issues.”

In one of several night-time videos of the incident shared online, the soldiers can be heard demanding a general be stripped of his rank.

One soldier yells: “Go f*** yourself. Get lost!”

At one point during the clip, a ranking officer comes out to calm the protesting troops.

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However, he is soon forced to flee following a barrage of whistling and insults.

Posts on Telegram claim that Russian riot police were called in to squash the disturbance

One Telegram message from those involved read: “Riot. The whole unit is telling the regiment general to go f*** himself.”

“Everyone is walking around like pigs. They don’t let us go home. Tell the media. The general is drunk.”


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Another read: “The general was kicked out of here – the brute arrived drunk and making complaints about our behaviour.

“We have rusty machine guns from the 1970s that are not tested, it is dangerous to shoot with them.”

The situation in Kazan is just the latest expression of defiance against President Putin, amid concerns that the conscripts are serving only as cannon fodder.

Elsewhere, conscripted troops from the Chuvashia republic reportedly refused to leave their training base for the frontline this week.

Riot police were called to a barracks in Ulyanovsk to quell the uprising.


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