Putin pal vows to take revenge on Ukrainians who shot him in bum on birthday

A close friend of Vladimir Putin has tapped into secret data from Russian satellites to track down the Ukrainian soldiers who shot him in the buttocks.

Dmitry Rogozin, an ex-deputy PM who was in charge of Russia's space agency Roscosmos until last year, was attacked while celebrating his birthday at a lavish Donetsk hotel last month.

The warmonger, 59, sustained injuries to his back, arm and bottom, and had to be airlifted to Moscow. It was seen as an attempt from Ukrainian forces to take him out given his closeness to Putin.

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Two men were killed in the attack and Rogozin's wife Tatyana suffered a severe concussion.

He now claims his connections at Roscosmos allowed him access to secret military satellite data.

In turn, he says he managed to track down the source of the shell attack – and plans to enact some revenge.

Rogozin, dubbed Mr Hypersonic for his role in missile development, told Russian state media outlet RIA: “I lost my relatives, my close people, members of my family.

“So, of course, as a man and as an officer, I must stage a retaliation operation.

“I worked for four years in our state corporation Roscosmos. I have good friends, partners and comrades there.

“I requested an exact map, a space image taken on the evening [I was attacked].

“We have located exactly the [artillery] gun that was fired, which was at the optimum distance and position for the shots.

“We are continuing to monitor that combat unit – I hope to find and destroy them when I return.

“Obviously it is a matter of honour for us, because I lost two of my fighters, and they were my friends.”

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