Putin will be faced with a collapse as Russia is pushed back

Putin 'will be faced with a collapse' says General Sir Shirreff

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The retired senior British army officer warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin was determined to conquer Ukraine and to wipe Russia’s neighbour off the map completely. Sir Richard warned that the Russian dictator would do anything he could to achieve his military aims. Putin has been waging a brutal war on Ukraine despite experiencing crippling military losses on the battlefield, due to Ukraine’s army managing to win back valuable occupied territories.

General Sir Richard Shirreff told Times Radio: “Putin is absolutely determined not only to, he’s determined to conquer Ukraine.

“He’s determined to wipe Ukraine off the map!

“And his maximalist aims with which he started this war, have not gone away, and he will do anything he can to achieve it.

“Set against that is the fact that Ukraine has the upper hand.

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Sir Richard added: “Russia is on the back foot, and I think providing the West continues and NATO continues to give and ramps up support it gives to Ukraine.

“Ukraine will I think, ultimately prevail and Putin will be faced with a collapse.”

Despite Putin’s failures, the Russian leader has continued to wage war on neighbouring Ukraine.

In recent weeks he has lost occupied territory in Ukraine, as Russian troops withdrew from the city of Kherson.

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Putin’s war has raged on for over 9 months and is set to continue through the winter.

Reports of Russian troops losing morale on the frontlines of the battle in Ukraine have continued to circulate.

Putin has continued to recruit Russian men and has even conscripted prisoners and football hooligans.

Up to 300,000 more men have been called to battle, and some Russian men fled Russia after the call from Putin came.

Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev has claimed that Russian troops are not motivated.

Mr Ariev told Express.co.uk exclusively: “Well, this is a war which will exhaust both sides.

“And for me, I see that Ukraine will be, step by step, liberating occupied territories, so, I think that this will be going on in a few months’ time.

“And you know that Putin is now trying to mobilise people in Russia but it is also a step-by-step proposal because people are not inspired to go to war against Ukraine.

“They can watch it on TV sitting on a comfortable sofa but not take part in it.

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