Reopen X-Files and get a plan for alien contact demand Daily Star readers

An ex-government UFO Investigator today urges officials "to re-open the real-life X-Files” – as a Daily Star Spaced Out survey reveals the number of Brits who reckon they've seen an alien.

Nick Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence for 21 years and investigated UFOs and alien abductions, believes any contact "would have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives".

But he warns: "Neither the UK government nor the United Nations has any plan for the discovery of extraterrestrials."

It comes as more than half of Brits think the government should have a plan in place for First Contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation.

In research undertaken for the Daily Star as part of our new Spaced Out series, 83% of UK adults said that they believe there is life beyond Earth, and 64% think it’s likely that alien life has visited Earth already.

But if those extraterrestrial visitors did choose to reveal themselves, there’s not a lot of faith that the government would handle the mother of all diplomatic challenges competently.

Roughly two out of every three people we asked (68%) said that they would not trust Boris Johnson to lead the response.

Pope, who for many years ran the Ministry of Defence’s Secretariat (Air Staff) Sec (AS) 2a – more popularly known as the "UFO desk", told the Daily Star that even if the possibility of alien contact is fairly remote it’s too big an issue to be ignored.

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He stressed that he’s not talking about some Independence Day-style invasion here, but just the simple practicalities of organising a response to a long-distance “phone call” from ET.

He says that world leaders haven’t formulated “even the most basic guidance about what to do if our radio telescopes detect a message from an extraterrestrial civilisation".

There is no clear strategy in place for a verified message from outer space, Pope added. We don’t know who would reply, what we would say, or even whether we would respond at all.

And he continued: “It's time to re-open the real-life X-Files" and restart the official research and investigation that he previously did for the MoD.

It’s certainly not something we can just ignore. The Star’s research reveals that 36% of UK adults personally know someone who believes they’ve seen a UFO.

Even if we discount 99% of those sightings as honest mistakes, there is still something happening in our skies that we don’t understand.

Most Star readers, according to our research, think that the government really ought to devote some of its attention to decide how we react if one of those unidentified objects – whatever they are – decides to set down in the UK.

Data source: Spaced out survey August 2021, Nationally representative sample of 2048 respondents

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