Rick Zamperin: Joe Buck ‘flattered’ by $1-million offer from adult website

As we all try to keep our distance from each other during the COVID-19 pandemic, some of us are finding creative ways to pass the time.

I started something really small last week, a 30-day push-up challenge (doing 30 push-ups each day for 30 days), more of a personal challenge to offset sheer boredom.

Overcoming boredom is a goal for many people spending time at home with their family amid the novel coronavirus crisis — some people have started podcasts, and others have been creating funny videos on social media.

Rugby commentator Nick Health has uploaded a bunch of hilarious videos to Twitter of him doing play-by-play of real-life activities, as did BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter, who shared a video of his two dogs eating a meal as if it was a competition because he “was bored.”

Fox Sports NFL and MLB play-by-play announcer Joe Buck has also jumped into the game by calling his toddler son’s meltdown at home and has followed suit by offering to call random videos sent in by his followers.

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