Rick Zamperin: No big stage or bright lights, but virtual NFL draft will be the most-watched ever

The biggest night of the National Football League‘s offseason has finally arrived and sports-starved fans in North America and around the world are waiting with bated breath.

The NFL Draft is a spectacle, and perhaps the greatest non-athletic sports event on the planet, and Thursday night’s opening round may very well be the most-watched draft ever considering how it is going to be delivered to viewers by ESPN and The NFL Network.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the NFL and all other sports leagues to not only press pause on their seasons, but as team and league officials adhere to physical distancing guidelines, the draft will be held virtually.

So we won’t see all the glitz and glamour and bright lights of the big stage, a large gathering of fans, or commissioner Roger Goodell greeting each newly drafted player to the league with a handshake or big hug.

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