Rip off £2k London apartment gives new meaning to dont s*** where you eat

A tiny London apartment where the toilet has been positioned right next to the bed is up for rent at a staggering £2,100 per month.

The petite property has caused a stir on Twitter after British digital marketer Charles Floate posted a picture of it to his 41,400 followers, alongside the words: "This room is currently being advertised for £2,100 ($2,560) per month in Central London."

In the shot, the toilet and bed are also located about a yard away from the shower, while two small cupboards, fixed to the walls, provide the only storage area.

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Plug points have been built into the bed's headboard and to make full use of the minimal space available, the toilet and sink also come as a two-in-one combo with the basin and taps sat on top of the lavatory.

The tweet was posted yesterday (December 16) and soon attracted comments from astonished users of the social media platform.

"Living the dream!" one wrote with sarcasm, while another added: "Ahh nothing says luxury more than sleeping next to a toilet."

A third joked: "Putting a whole new spin on the saying 'don't s*** where you eat' haha."

One simply asked: "Is it HMP Wandsworth?"

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In an apparent attempt to guess how the apartment might be marketed by an estate agent, a user quipped: "Perfect for the busy intern, who takes full advantage of what the city has to offer and just needs a well equipped place to rest."

Others tended to take the stance that the flat could be worse.

"This is luxurious. A few years ago, I was in London, and my hotel was at level -1, so I had a fake window made of photo wallpaper," one person reasoned.

A clearly-impressed poster added: "The sink on the top of the toilet is actually genius."

"Everything is within reach. People will pay for convenience :)," jested another person in agreement with a tweeter, who simply wrote: "Functional."


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