Road rage video shows woman scream at wrong driver

Nassau County: Road rage incident injures two children

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The video which was uploaded to TikTok by @funnfactory1 shows why it’s important to keep your cool in traffic. The footage shows a woman who smashed into the back of a car shouting at the driver she hit rather than apologising. It was all caught on a rear-facing dashcam inside the car that she crashed into.

Before hitting the vehicle, the woman was struggling with a huge Range Rover beside her and then became distracted as a result.

The Range Rover was about to make its way past before the woman indicated to change lanes.

She was so busy looking at the Range Rover that she didn’t see the camera car stop in front and drove straight into the back of it.

TikTok users commented on the video.

One said: “Why is she mad at the guy in the car she hit?

Another said: “She wasn’t even looking. She was busy.”

Other users believe that she needed to pay more attention to the road.

One said: “Looks like she was too busy waving the other car that she could not concentrate on the road.”

Another said: “She was too busy gesturing out the windows and she still crashed into you.”

A report from RAC revealed that road rage is extremely common in the UK.

Getting on for half of the drivers (43%) have been victims of road rage.

Of those, 49% of the victims were women and 37% were male drivers.

Further research, conducted by the dash cam manufacturer Nextbase has found that women were more likely to specifically reference gender when recalling their experiences of hostility while driving (17%, versus 9% among men).  With road rage so common among drivers, Web MD recommends drivers get enough sleep, leave early and limit alcohol consumption. 

Road Rage is not an offence, but motorists may be found guilty of careless or dangerous driving when it leads to aggressive driving.

If road rage ends up in a physical confrontation, the motorist could be arrested and charged with assault.

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