Robot dog waiter brings a round of beers to stunned bargoers

An uncanny video shows a robot dog bringing drinks to customers at a bar in a popular southern Spanish tourist city.

The video shows the moment the four-legged bot struts around an outdoor terrace with a tray of beers on its back, while curious locals film on their phones.

At one point, the robot performs an odd manoeuvre, tilting its tray of beers to the side, making the crowd that has gathered to watch burst out laughing.

Macco Robotics CEO Victor Martin, 44, said they are studying the dog’s interaction with people while serving drinks but we are also looking at how it performed "other tasks".

The bizarre incident was recorded in Seville, Andalusia on Saturday, October 31.

Keeping itself busy, the robot has already been tested disinfecting schools and sports facilities due to the pandemic and is also able to offer surveillance in streets.

Martin said: "It has a vision system that allows the robot to watch over curfew hours and every time it detects a person, it will be able to identify them if they are a civilian, and send a message to police."

As well as successfully delivering the drinks in the bar, the robot has also been used to disinfect the properties as well.

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They say that its legs are a big advantage over wheeled robots that do not manage uneven ground as easily.

The company currently has two functional robots of the kind seen in the video which has a battery life of two hours but only takes one to fully charge, however, Martin said they are working to produce more to offer new services to different businesses.

Another possible use for the robotic dog Macco Robotics is currently working on is the ability for people to make orders from a nearby shop, which the dog will autonomously collect and deliver to them.

It is not yet considered a viable option for many companies due to its high cost which currently stands at €80,000 (roughly £72,000) but there will be a chance of a leasing contract for €3,000 (£2,700) per month.

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