Runaway dog goes back inside after owner calls her out via security camera

A mischievous dog was filmed running away from home before her owner called her out through a spotlight camera.

Video shared by Ring camera on YouTube shows Sadie the brown pooch standing in the driveway outside the house.

She makes a few alarming barks until her owner noticed her escaped from the house.

The worried owner quickly calls out to his pet through the voice-equipped security camera.

He says: "Sadie! Sadie!"

The clueless canine turns her head to where the voice comes from until she identifies the CCTV system mounted on the wall.

"Sadie, go back to the house! Go!" the owner orders.

Sadie tilts her head as if she is still trying to figure out how she had exposed her secret adventure.

Then she heads back to the house through the unlocked gate.

The owner says: "Good girl!"

He later told Ring: "I was getting alerts from Ring while I was 30 minutes away from home.

"Turns out I had accidentally left the side gate open, and Sadie escaped!

"I spoke through my Ring and Sadie actually listened – she went back into the yard until I pulled up. I don't know what would’ve happened if I didn't have Ring."

Viewers were impressed by Sadie's look when she got caught out and praised her a very obedient dog.

One wrote: "What a good girl … I'm surprised she didn't close the door behind her."

"This was funny," another said. "She obeyed her dad faster that a human child."

A third added: "Loved this. She was like 'How can this be? How is he speaking to me?'"

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