Russia and Ukraines latest fight dubbed Battle of the Frozen Ice Meat Grinder

The battle between Ukraine and invading Russian soldiers has taken a shocking new twist after the enemies were seen fighting on a frozen lake.

In what has now been dubbed by Kremlin-loving media as the “Battle of the Frozen Ice Meat Grinder”, soldiers have been laying into each other on top of the frozen Kakhovka reservoir in Energodar, near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine.

The area around the reservoir has been the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in recent months.

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And due to the “shallowing” of the Dnieper river, which is linked to the reservoir, the water levels have been so low that when frozen over, troops have been using it as a battle ground.

Weather temperatures in the area have been as low as -7 in recent days, thanks to an massive ice-bomb weather system, which has seen the area freeze over quickly.

A member of the Russian-backed Zaporizhia militia called Vladimir Novikov said he has “forced “ offensive operations to take place on the icy area.

According to Russia's MK news, he said: “All this, combined with the impending seasonal cooling and a drop in temperature below -7, creates conditions for freezing the surface of the river to a thickness of more than ten centimetres in a short time.”

But a “military expert” told the news outlet that the chances of the surface being a “thick layer of ice” are not high, which could create a watery grave for soldiers – hence the nickname of it being called the “Frozen Ice Meat Grinder”.

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He said: “Forcing the Dnieper is suicide for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Even if some part is land, it will be immediately surrounded and destroyed.

“Because there will be no reinforcements, there will be a river ice meat grinder.

“It won't work otherwise.

“How will they direct the crossing if everything is under fire?

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“With pontoon crossings on smaller rivers, the enemy did not succeed.”

MK – also known as Moskovskij Komsomolets – is one of the most pro-Putin news sources in Russian media circles.

No up-to-date casualty figures have been released from either side concerning the Zaporizhzhia area in recent weeks.

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