Russian school shooting suspect who ‘massacred pupils’ tells police ‘I am God’

A school shooting suspect accused of slaughtering nine pupils and teachers told police he wanted to show everyone “I really am God”, it is claimed.

Ilnaz Galyaviev, 19, allegedly gunned down seven children and two staff members during the massacre at his former school in Kazan, Russia.

Investigators said he fired at least 17 rounds and detonated an explosive device during the attack on Tuesday.

He is said to have later told police a girl was only spared death because he ran out of bullets.

The shooting left 23 people still in hospital on Wednesday, including 12 children with gunshot wounds – with five in a serious condition and one of them critical.

Galyaviev was charged on Wednesday with multiple counts of murder and appeared in court, where he entered no plea and was remanded in custody ahead of a trial.

The suspect allegedly told police he aimed to kill 20 people, adding: "I do not repent for what I have done.

"I fully admit my guilt for what I have done under Russian law, but not under my law.

“I believe that by killing people I did the right thing.

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“So I showed everyone that I really am God and that others should do whatever I want.”

Giving his account, he told detectives: “I came up against an unfamiliar schoolgirl in the corridor and tried to shoot her in the chest.

“I wanted to kill her. I pulled the trigger, but there was no shot because I ran out of bullets.

“And then she managed to run away from me alive.”

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During his interrogation, he reportedly claimed he could decide who lived and died.

He said he had a “monster inside me” and “hates everyone”.

The suspect said he shot one teacher in the head.

He went on: “I shot at the schoolchildren, aiming at their heads.

“I did not hit everyone in the head, some were struck in the stomach, in the arms, in the legs.

“I killed three students in this class, but maybe more, the rest, I probably wounded.

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“After I ran out of ammo, I left the classroom and started loading my gun again in the hallway.”

He said he gunned down a second teacher and tried to enter another classroom, but the door was locked and barricaded.

“The screams of children came from the classroom,” he said.

He claimed he saw students jumped from the third floor window to the ground below, but he “started shooting at them”.

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The suspect said: "Then I shot at the other students sitting at their desks and finished them off. I wounded the rest and killed someone else.

“Everyone I shot, I wanted to take their lives, without exception, and not just injure.”

He had allegedly vowed on social media to kill “a big amount of bio trash”.

A schoolgirl survivor, 12, fainted as she went with her mum to School 175 retrieve her belongings.

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Meanwhile, a bottle of highly poisonous homemade Amanita mushroom tincture was reportedly found in the suspect's flat.

After taking it “a person usually does not remember what he or she was doing”, a source said.

The “brain disease” he suffered from was diagnosed as cerebral atrophy, which is marked by the progressive loss of brain cells and of cognitive and neurological functions.

Despite the diagnosis he had been deemed fit to hold a gun licence.

His family had detected his short temper and aggressive behaviour earlier this year, the Russian Investigative Committee said.

The child victims were named as Amir Shaikhutdinov, 14, Amir Volkov, 15, Amir Zaripov, 14, Damir Gainutdinov, 14, Zulfiya Galimzyanova, 15, Ilziya Nagimullina, 14, and Alisa Garifullina, 15.

The two teachers were named as Elvira Ignatieva, 25, who covered children with her body, and Venera Aizatova, 55.

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