Sarah Ferguson gives verdict on The Crown and watched saucy Bridgerton twice

Sarah Ferguson revealed what it was like seeing her own wedding aired on Netflix's The Crown.

She also admitted that she has binged Bridgerton twice.

Her 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew was featured in the royal drama, with Jessica Aquilina playing Ferguson and Tom Byrne acting as Andrew.

The next season, set to be released in November this year, has received backlash over its portrayal of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship.

“I thought it was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellent,” the Duchess of York, 61, told US Weekly.

“I loved the way they put my wedding in as well.”

Whereas, Earl Charles Spencer spoke out about the show, saying: “ The Crown  asked if they could film at Althorp, and I said 'obviously not’.”

“The worry for me is that people see a program like that and they forget that it is fiction. They assume, especially foreigners, I find Americans tell me they have watched The Crown as if they have taken a history lesson. Well, they haven’t.”

But Ferguson also admitted to streaming Shona Rhimes' Bridgerton after it immediately dropped last month.

“I adored Bridgerton so much that I watched it twice, deliberately. I’m obsessed with it,” she added.

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“I think Daphne is a terrific character, as we see her learning about life. I love the way she learns to use her strong voice. It chimed with me because now is the time for women to speak up.

"The costumes and set designs were incredible too. The way Betsy Beers and Shonda Rhimes have created Bridgerton is fabulous, and I was really impressed.”

Ferguson shared that the show also has a personal connection to her. “I hear they might be making future series at Sunninghill Park for the next five years, which is my old home.”

“I definitely will be talking to Shondaland about making Her Heart for a Compass into a TV series.”

Ferguson's new book is set to be released in August and will follow the life of an ancestor.

It tells a fictional account of the life and love story of the duchess' great-great-aunt Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott.

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