Saskatoon business 3D-printing medical supplies to help hospitals fight COVID-19

The 3D printers at Wave of the Future 3D have been hard at work since Monday.

The shop had been closed to help stop COVID-19 spread in Saskatchewan and now it’s putting these unused printers to good use, printing parts for medical supplies to donate for hospitals, care homes, and anywhere else that needs them.

There are 72 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in Saskatchewan as of March 24, according to the provincial government.

“If we can do whatever we can to help the communities fight this then we can hopefully keep our doors open as well,” said owner Randy James.

James’ 28 printers are printing two pieces: headbands to hold plastic face shields, and molds to use as a template to vacuum seal masks.

With some innovation from his product designer Land Greene, the shop said it’s able to churn out these pieces in about 45 minutes, instead of the over two hours it would usually take.

“We should be able to produce upwards of about 100 of these every 6 hours,” said James.

But to keep printers going, the shop needs supplies.

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