Schoolgirl suffers horror facial burns trying microwave egg ‘hack’ seen online

A schoolgirl who tried to poach an egg in the microwave has been left unable to wear make-up or go out in the daytime for two years after it tragically exploded in her face.

Kadie Law, 12, was trying a 'cooking hack' she saw online which involved placing an egg into a mug of boiling water and bombing it full blast in the microwave for 90 seconds.

But tragically as she reached for a bowl in a cupboard above where the just-cooked egg was resting, it shot a jet of scolding egg into her face and eyelids.

The young girl was placed in a cold shower by mother Kirsty Brown's quick-reacting fiancé Michael Sale for 40 minutes before being rushed to hospital.

Miraculously doctors confirmed that the 12-year-old's eyes were unscathed and it was only her skin that was badly scorched.

Eight months on from the ordeal Kadie has to constantly wear factor 50 sunscreen and a hat.

She tragically won't be able to wear make-up or go outside between 11am and 4pm for the next two years.

Mum-of-three Kirsty has shared the harrowing pictures to urge other parents about the dangers of cooking something as simple as an egg.

"It went straight on my eyes, I'm lucky not to be blind," said Kadie, from Bacup, Lancashire.

She added: "It's the most painful thing I've ever experienced."

Young Kadie was making the snack on Monday October 12, she'd seen it performed online and had previously watched medical science student mum Kirsty do something similar.

Unknowing to Kadie, the microwave was on the highest setting, not the usual medium temperature that her mum had used previously.

The scalding water sprayed all over her cheeks, nose and eyelids.

On arrival to Royal Oldham Hospital's A&E Kadie was quickly assessed and transferred to the children's burns unit at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

The top layers of skin from Kadie's burns were scraped off by doctors and olive oil was applied to her scorched skin.

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A bandage was placed on the worst section of her forehead.

Despite applying olive oil three times a day as instructed, Kadie's skin became horribly infected and needed a week's course of antibiotics to clear it up.

Kirsty has now provided egg-cooking advice to hopefully deter this happening to someone else's child.

"I would advise people to use a lower heat [setting] and not use boiling water," Kirsty said.

She added: "I think it's really important people know that going under cool water is the most important thing you can do for burns, and the longer the better."

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