Scrap dealer finds headless and dismembered torso in suitcase dumped in bin

Police in Barcelona have launched a murder inquiry after the dismembered body of a man was found in a suitcase that had been dumped in a bin.

A statement from the regional police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, says that the first call about the grisly discovery came in at around 11am on Tuesday, November 29.

Spanish news site El País reports that the decapitated and dismembered torso was discovered by a Romanian-born scrap dealer who got “the fright of his life when searching through a grey [rubbish] bin”.

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The rubbish had been collected late on the previous evening and so the bin had been empty, except for the suitcase.

The finder noted that the suitcase was “quite heavy”, and decided to open it to find out why. On opening the case, he found the horribly mutilated remains inside.

He ran into a nearby tobacconists’ shop and with the help of the owner called an ambulance. On arrival, the paramedics immediately alerted the police.

“I work a tobacconist and every morning I go around restocking cigarette machines in the bars in the area,” one of the witnesses told El País.

“A scrap dealer, who is a customer of mine, called me just when he had just found the suitcase”

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The man told him he had found something “serious, very serious," and showed him the contents of the case.

"At first it seemed to me that there were clothes inside,” he said, “but when I looked at it I saw a naked torso of a white man, with hair… I was shocked,”.

The area was near the junction of Carrer Casanova and Carrer Aragó was cordoned off, and the body was removed soon after 1pm.

Investigators took a number of photos of the bin and the surrounding area, including a 360º panorama, in order to preserve any evidence.

CCTV footage from nearby shops was also collected, in hope of identifying the person or persons who had placed the suitcase in the bin.

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