Sex workers get coronavirus sex position advice with list of diagrams released

A Russian sex worker movement has released a list of sex positions that best protect prostitutes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Unlike many countries in Europe, prostitution does not have legal status or industry protection in Russia and there are concerns for sex workers during this troubled period.

The Facebook group "Forum Sex Rabotnikov" ("Sex Workers Forum") recently shared an illustration showing the acceptable sexual positions to adopt with clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

The positions allow for the maximum distance between the couple's faces.

As well as preferable sexual positions, the group recommends that sex workers ask their clients to wash their hands and face for a minimum of 20 seconds before getting down to business.

Additional tips include covering clients' faces with masks and refusing anyone showing symptoms of a cold or flu.

One unnamed sex worker told local media: "Some of my colleagues wipe their client's hands with disinfectant as soon as they show up at the door. Others take them into the shower to make sure everything is properly washed."

She added: "Those who can afford to isolate have already done it, but most of us need the money right now. We have to pay rent and provide for our families."

Irina Maslova from the sex workers' movement "Serebyannaya Rosa" ("Silver Rose") believes that self-isolation will seriously affect local economies and sex services will not be in demand as a result.

She said: "A major crisis is coming, people's salaries will drop and some people will get ill."

Official figures from Russia – a country of some 146 million people – show just 253 confirmed cases and only one death from COVID-19.

Some critics say the impressively low death toll is too good to be true and have accused Vladimir Putin's government of covering up the real numbers.

There are also reports that the testing equipment being used in Russia is substandard and that thousands of cases could have been missed.

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