Shatner says Prince William is wrong after billionaire space race criticism

Astronaut and Star Trek star William Shatner has spoken out following comments by Prince William regarding the billionaire space race.

The Duke of Cambridge, with naming names, hit out at wealthy people who were looking into space exploits rather than focusing on helping the planet.

His comments came as Shatner, known for playing Captain Kirk, became the oldest man to go to space at the age of 90.

He journeyed to space while on an 11-minute flight with Blue Origin, founded by Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos.

Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk have also made their first moves into space exploration.

Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, Shatner said: "He's a lovely Englishman. He's going to be king of England one day."

But, he went on: "He's a lovely, gentle, educated man, but he's got the wrong idea."

Shatner believes his trip was the start of baby steps to start getting polluting industries off of earth and said Prince William is "missing the point".

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He continued: "I would tell the prince, and I hope the prince gets the message, this is a baby step into the idea of getting industry up there, so that all those polluting industries, especially, for example, the industries that make electricity off of Earth."

Prince William made his comment while speaking to BBC’s Newscast as he looks to award the first Earthshot Prize to those trying to save the planet.

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He did not mention specific names but wanted the "world's greatest minds" to focus on saving the planet.

The duke said: "We need some of the world's greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.

"I think that ultimately is what sold it for me – that really is quite crucial to be focusing on this [planet] rather than giving up and heading out into space to try and think of solutions for the future."

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Prince William also ruled out the possibility of going into space, responding to Newscast presenter Adam Faming by saying he had "absolutely no interest".

He also raised the question of the carbon cost of holding these explorations into space.

The five winners of the Earthshot Prize will each receive £1m and will be announced at a ceremony later this month.

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Meanwhile, Shatner’s Star Trek co-star George Takei hit out at his inclusion on the Blue Origin flight by branding him a "guinea pig", according to Page Six.

He also mockingly used a phrase that Captain Kirk is famous for, saying: "He's boldly going where other people have gone before."

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