Shipwrecked mum dies after she drinks urine to breastfeed kids and save them

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A mum has been found dead after saving her two kids by breastfeeding them after they became shipwrecked.

Mariely Chacon was on a boat with her husband Remis Clambor and two young children, Jose David and Maria Beatriz Camblor Chacon, when a wave destroyed the vessel.

According to Newsweek, the family had been travelling from Higuerote to Tortuga Island in Venezuela.

The ship was also carrying their friends, crew, and the children's 25-year-old nanny Veronica Martinez.

The 40-year-old mum, the kids and Veronica were left adrift 70 miles out to sea for four days until they were found.

To save the lives of her children, the mother drank her own urine in order to breastfeed her to keep them alive.

When they were eventually rescued in their small lifeboat with Martinez in an empty icebox, officials confirmed Mrs Chacon had died.

As quoted in newspaper La Republica, a forensic medicine source said her vital organs had collapsed because of electrolyte depletion.

This is caused from dehydration, which they believe was only accelerated by her breastfeeding.

The two kids, aged six and two, and Veronica were all taken to hospital for treatment.

However, Mrs Chacon's husband and father to the children is still missing along with Jose Javier Marcano Narvaez, Alejandro Osorio Graterol and Vianney Carolina Dos Santos Morales.

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Venezuela's National Maritime Authority INEA said: "On September 3 at 9.30am a pleasure boat called Thor left Higuerote for La Tortuga Island with the return scheduled for September 5.

"Port authorities were informed on September 5 around 11pm it had failed to reach its destination or returned to the location it had left from and a search operation was launched."

It continued: "On September 6 at 6.20pm we were alerted to a small white vessel which was drifting off the island of La Orchila that led to the reorientation of the search operation.

"On September 7 at 2.10pm four people were rescued, two of them children, by coastguard vessel AB Carecare."

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