Shoppers trapped as raging inferno sweeps through busy mall

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    Shoppers have been trapped inside a raging inferno that has rushed through a shopping centre in Indonesia.

    The Trans Studio Makassar mall in Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia went up in flames earlier today (April 24), trapping shoppers inside.

    Locals were spotted in footage from the scene escaping from the fiery depths of the mall, with pictures showing the fire bursting through upper levels of the superstore.

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    The fire is believed to have started after a ride set up in the shopping centre caught fire, eventually spreading and leaving embers of the blaze dripping into the courtyard outside, The Mirror reported.

    The head of the Makassar Fire Department has since confirmed fire engines were en route to the scene of the blaze.

    Black smoke is said to have been spotted billowing from the mall earlier in the day, with a fire flaring up shortly after workers and customers were seen fleeing from the building.

    Shoppers are said to have fled into the basement car park below the shopping centre in an attempt to move to a safer place away from the ongoing blaze.

    Claims have since been made regarding the heat of the fire, which was so hot it melted part of the building, according to reports from local media.

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    One shopper who made it out of the fire has since spoken of the smoke they spotted smoke coming from a first floor photography area.

    The shopper, known as Zul, said: "My guess is that because my position is on the first floor, the smoke is coming from the photo spot area. Not from the dining area or tenants."

    Other reports from the area suggest people had ran to the roof of the building for safety, with fire services and emergency services using ladders to rescue shoppers.

    A crowd of shoppers are said to still be inside, with "many children" included in said crowd, Makassar Tribune reported.

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