Sick Father’s Day cards featuring mass murderer Fred West being sold online

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Father’s Day cards featuring mass murderer Fred West are being sold online.

The grim greetings have a cartoon drawing of serial killer on the front, and the message on them reads: “Happy Father’s Day. You’re not the worst dad in the world.”

The vile cards are priced at £2.99 and are being sold ahead of Father’s Day, as designer Samuel Hague boasts: “The perfect Father’s Day card for anyone with a sense of humour.”

The evil pair were caught in 1992 when Fred was arrested for raping his 13-year-old daughter.

In 1994, West was charged with murdering 12 girls, including his and wife Rose’s own daughter Heather.

The monstrous couple strangled and mutilated their 16-year-old at their “House Of Horrors” in Gloucester.

West took his own life in 1995 before he could be jailed for his crimes.

Rose was jailed for life in 1995 for the murders of 10 girls and women.

We asked the card designer for a comment on our story.

Last Christmas, we revealed that sickos were selling festive baubles online bearing the faces of Britain’s most evil criminals.

Fred and Rose West featured, along with “Doctor Death” Harold Shipman.

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Baubles showing Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley can also be hung on the Christmas tree to “disgust in-laws”.

Monster predator Jimmy Savile, who sexually abused hundreds of victims – from young children to pensioners – over several decades, is pictured on another festive bauble with the words: “Jingle jangle."

Another disgusting bauble makes fun of ex-model and reality star Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey, 19.

Online ghouls have been selling the twisted decorations via the online marketplace Etsy and a website that calls itself Simply Awful Gifts for £7 each.

A description reads: “Adorn your tree and be dazzled by these beauties.”

The website adds: “Upset your guests and disgust your in-laws. Give as the gift that keeps on giving, year after year!”

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