Single mum gives up daughter for adoption after sham marriage pressures

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    A single mother who was told to put her daughter up for adoption has since had her sham marriage fall through.

    The unnamed woman from Lagos is said to have been left disappointed after having to give up her three-year-old daughter for adoption in a trade-off for her wedding.

    The single mother had met a man, with the pair clearly fond of one another until the bloke introduced the mum-of-one to her future in-laws.

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    Despite having a daughter from a previous relationship, the mum was told by her future in-laws to give up her three-year-old daughter for adoption should she want the wedding to be carried out.

    According to the family, the mum gave in to the pressure of her husband-to-be and the extended family, who told her to ditch her daughter.

    Giving her daughter away appeared to be a mandatory requirement for the mum, who was asked to put her three-year-old up for adoption by her soon-to-be family.

    Although she did so and successfully found a new home for her daughter, by that point her would-be husband had lost interest in her.

    Her fiancé's family were instrumental in bringing a man from the UK into the adoptive pursuit, with the three-year-old now out of the woman's family.

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    So too is her would-be husband, who has since lost interest in her, meaning that the woman from Lagos has lost both her husband and her daughter in one fell swoop, Legit reported.

    Sharing information on the woman to Twitter, one user wrote: "Girls stop letting men take over your brain.

    "This single mother staying in Lagos was about to get married and the man's family asked her to give up her daughter for adoption because they can't marry her with the girl a 3 years old baby.

    "The man's family brought a UK man that secretly took the little girl away. Guess what, till today, they never still marry her. Now she has lost both her daughter and marriage."

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