Social media explodes following reports of Kim Jong-un’s death – ‘Fitting Karma’

Other reports suggest Kim had going into a vegetative state following surgery, but neither report has yet been confirmed. The leader has not been seen in public since April 11. Social media was awash with reaction to the reports, with some users choosing to criticise the leader:

One commented: “Kim Jong-Un murdered American citizen Otto Warmbier, in addition to unknown numbers of his own people.

“Otto was released from North Korea imprisonment in a brain dead vegetative state.

“If rumours are true that Kim Jong-Un is in a similar condition then that would be fitting karma.”

Another even wrote: “Kim Jong-un was the most feared person on earth.

“He’s dead, they still fear announcing him officially dead.”

Some users posted jokes about Kim’s medical staff needing to flee the country.

Kim is believed to have some children, as North Korean media has reported their births.

However, the first mention of a child came in 2010.

Reports suggest his sister, Kim Yo Jong, who works for the propaganda department of the state, could be set to takeover.

Several tweets also discussed her.

One user admitted: “Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong scares me.”

Radio host Nick Espinoza wrote: “We could be looking at a very serious humanitarian crisis as his sister attempts to consolidate power and the possibility of a popular uprising!”


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Another said: “Heard that his sister is crueller.

“That’s the scary part.”

Kim Jong-un was the third member of the Kim family to rule over North Korea.

Kim Il-Sung was the first, followed by Kim Jong-il.

Despite his death, Kim Il-Sung is still the eternal President of North Korea.

He was the founder of the country after it was seized by Soviet forces from Japanese occupation in the Second World War.

Kim Jong-il died in 2011, but since 2012 has been the eternal general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The nation’s constitution recognises the party as the leading party in the country.

It leads a national front of several smaller parties.

Candidates for elections must belong to a party belonging to the front.

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