Star Wars mansion boasting with 15 bedrooms thrills sci-fi lovers

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A Star Wars-themed home worth $11.5 million has hit the market and the 15-bedroom, 19-bathroom home has stunned lovers of the franchise.

Zillow Gone Wild brought the luxury home in Kissimmee, Florida to people's attention in a post about its fun spaces for aficionados of the franchise.

On the outside, the mansion looks like a normal two-story home for the rich with a rock wall in the front and the rest of its walls painted in white and a pool in the back with plenty of balconies overlooking the backyard.

The pool is connected to a huge jacuzzi that lights up at night, with a fire-pit installed, according to the Sun.

Through the main door, there is a black staircase that leads up to the second floor and a hallway that opens up to the living room and kitchen.

The kitchen has an island that sits ten, a massive stove, and stainless steel appliances and is decorated in white and black accents as well as many marble countertops and tables.

The cosy family room has a wrap-around couch with blue cushions in front of a modern fireplace and flat-screen TV perfect for watching the movies.

The home also has a game room equipped with arcade games, a bar, laundry room, bowling alley, a golf course, poker room, a sauna and spa, pool tables, and ping pong tables.

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Then upstairs, the children's bedrooms on the second floor are decked out with multiple bunks that look like the inside of a starship, as well as life-sized figures from the movies like Baby Yoda, Droids, and even Darth Vader.

Fans of the franchise have been gushing over the property, writing: "Love, love, love it!!!!!! Someone buy this and make it an Airbnb!

"I would get a bunch of friends to split the rent!!"

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A second one added: "I think if I were to win the lotto, I would buy this house without thinking twice. And forget keeping it an AirB&B, I would keep it to myself!"

And a third commented: "I would take this in a freaking heartbeat! and I even hate Florida with a passion."

The news comes after an underground bunker was been described as "straight out of a James Bond movie" due to its one-of-a-kind appearance.

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The house, located in Massachusetts, US, comes with a grass roof, eight-foot skylights and a natural cooling system.

The underground lair has been dubbed as the perfect fit for a Bond villain due to its features and odd appearance.

It is currently on sale for a staggering $640,000 (£467,000) and offers a large amount of space with three bedrooms.

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