Student, 18, crushed to death by faulty elevator in front of horrified pals

A student sports star was crushed to death in front of his horrified teammates after an elevator malfunctioned.

The 18-year-old college American football player died in the tragedy when an elevator that was reportedly overdue for inspection collapsed.

A group of three players from Champion Prep Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, were making their way to practice when they boarded an elevator at student housing, MailOnline reports.

Witnesses say two of the three players walked out on the third floor but before the third student could get out, the lift began free-falling.

The tragic teen was pinned between a wall and the elevator car in the shaft for nearly an hour until the emergency services arrived.

His teammates say they were still "heartbroken" about the shocking incident. They said they could not see the victim's body because it was being crushed between the gap and his bottom half was left "dangling".

Officials from Champion Prep Academy confirmed the student, who has not been identified, died from his injuries.

His friends have been left reeling by the accident.

One said: "I ain't even got the words. His feet were moving at first. Then it stopped. He went unconscious."

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Another teammate said he had only just met the victim but they instantly bonded.

He said: "We all came here for school. I came here three weeks ago, and we instantly clicked, so seeing somebody I'm close with like that, it hurts."

Some residents in the building said they have been complaining about the elevator for some time.

One told provided CBS 46 with images of the inspection certificate which shows that the last check was done in August 2019 and it was due for another in August 2020, over a year ago.

The student's family was notified and are making their way to Atlanta from Missouri.

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